On low taxes.

This is the text of a small Twitter thread I had after a long day of being fed up with tax rhetoric on October 7th, during the municipal election. I’ve edited it lightly for punctuation but otherwise kept it as how it was originally written, in a quasi-spoken word style that Twitter lends itself well to, in my opinion.  

[sets beer down] You get what you pay for. All this [waves] all this is what low taxes has brought you. All of it, the shitty roads,

the shitty transit system that functions in spite of itself and everyone else, your decaying parks, your crumbling or non-existent sidewalk

This garbage encrusted gravel that the Meewasin is degrading into, all of it. Your dirty impark lots with the predatory tickets

Cigarette butt littered weedy bent spray painted exhaust silent neighbour smelly river drain oil slick cat food city

There is a point where you can look beyond yourself and make something truly great if you take an extra step. There is a deep drive here

But it is subsumed into becoming what we think other cities are without spending or committing. And I don’t mean arenas or bridges

We have a city that’s very good at maintaining a declining status quo, if that makes sense, when we are flexible and small to change easily

It’s an entire collective based on loss aversion and individual benefit rather than using the gestalt of cities to make gains.

When did we stop trusting and working with each other? Rural people know this. You are nothing without neighbours. Now it’s all “I got mine”

This next decade is going to be real shit if we don’t smarten up already. Why would you expect others to help if you won’t extend the same?

Partially that’s why I think people are so angry. You know what needs to be done, let’s start doing it.

Like, fuck it. You have my permission to stop being afraid and stop listening to other people’s fear

If people try to make you afraid of stuff, laugh at them and walk away. (Unless it’s like, anti-drinking and driving ads.)

Also stop drinking and driving, for fuck’s sake.




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