I’m not much for introductions.

Many of you know me from Twitter and that’s still the forum I prefer for interactions – I don’t have the patience to edit comments here so if you’re peeved at me you should sign up for Twitter. It’s quite fun to be peevish on Twitter, I find.

This is a space where I can reside unedited (mostly) and collect all of the things I am interested in. You’re going to see some awful photography, some hackneyed art, and some terrible puns. Also a lot of adverbs but I’m working on those. You’re also going to see a lot of politics stuff, I think, especially in the run up to the elections in 2015 and 2016. I don’t care if you don’t like politics because one of the secrets I’ve learned about politics is that it’s just gossip that controls the city, and who doesn’t like gossip? Even Paul cannot resist a bit of gossip. Maybe you can, in which case I cordially invite you to skip the politics post. Alas, what you will not see here are any of my celebrated analyses of letters to city council, as the city clerk’s office has seen fit to not include these in the new city council agendas. Truly a great loss for society, and newshounds, as often times you could get at least one or two stories out of them. I will find and post my great transcription of the mayor’s snow-clearing rant, which is a thing of beauty and a joy to read for ever. But enough about me. How about you? Oh wait, I’ve not enabled comments on this page. Guess I’ll see you on Twitter.